How soon during pregnancy do you start to lactate?

Last night I noticed milk while gently squeezing my breasts. So I took a pt today and found out that I’m expecting my second child. Can anyone help me in finding out how soon during pregnancy does lactation start? Thanks!

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  1. well it all depends on the woman’s hormones. some will start lactating in early pregnancy like you have and others not until late pregnancy or even after

  2. It’s hard to say. I was 4-5 months & was dripping with both my pregnancies. The best thing to do is go to your doctor to see how far along you are.

  3. only after abt 7 mts of pregnancy does a lady start lactating.
    in ur case, mayb ur second pregnancy is too early and probably u hadnt stopped lactating after the first..

  4. Well, lactation doesn’t actually start until after birth. But you can start secreting and/or leaking colustrum at almost any time during pregnancy. It varies from woman to woman. Personally, I didn’t leak until I was about 5 months pregnant.

  5. it varies for each lady.

    I have had 5 pregnancies and Ive never had milk or colostrum from my nipples while pregnant, not until after theyre born -with all of them 🙂

  6. It is only colostrum as your milk does not come in until the baby is born.
    It can happen anywhere from the second trimester.
    I never leaked ever in my pregancies but suffered other things like this bloody heartburn for the 3rd time today!

  7. Depending on hormone levels, some women start seeing colostrum as early as a few months. One site says that some women start production almost as soon as they conceive.
    Hope that helps.

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