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What’s the difference between a snake, a serpent and an asp?


  1. Talented | | Reply

    A snake is big a serpent is a myth and a asp is small

  2. Dago Red | | Reply

    Snake and serpent are synonymous. An asp is a specific kind of snake/serpent.

  3. bluebellbkk | | Reply

    Dago Red is right. The only difference between the words ‘snake’ and ‘serpent’ is that ‘snake’ is the common word, from a Germanic root, while ‘serpent’ is derived from Latin, and, like many Latin synonyms, is more formal and even poetic.

    And an asp is a specific kind of small snake. The kind that Cleopatra is said to have killed herself with.

  4. ? | | Reply

    A serpent is a synonym for snake.

    An asp =any of several venomous snakes, especially the Egyptian cobra or the horned viper.

    So, a Python or an Anaconda could be described as ‘snakes’ or ‘serpents’ but NOT as ‘asps’.

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