How long does it take for Bing Rewards to send out microsoft points?


Recently I just found out about Bing Rewards and decided to try it. Since they give you 250 points to start, I just bought two 100 microsoft point cars (under digital download) right away. It says its “in process” but does it go to your email, mailbox, or straight to your xbox account? How long does it take?
Okay, I found out that it is delivered by mail. Not email, but snail mail. For everyone born in the 21st century, mail is those pieces of paper you get in that box at the end of your driveway. Anyways, it probably takes 2-5 business days since so many people do it and it doesnt come by email.


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1 response to “How long does it take for Bing Rewards to send out microsoft points?”
  1. Marley Quinn says:

    I’m wondering the same thing, i did it today. I’ve read that they email you the codes for the MP. But i haven’t seen anything about how long it takes. I have a bad feeling it won’t be in time for the new L4D DLC =(

    Edit: Well damn.

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