How do you make a wedding seating chart in Microsoft Excel?

How do you make a wedding seating chart in Microsoft Excel?, 9.3 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

I need help in making a Microsoft Excel wedding seating chart using round tables. I’ve searched online tonight for hours trying to find information on making a wedding seating chart in excel. I don’t know how to do all the fancy things on excel. I can’t find anything online about making a wedding seating chart in excel either! I need help! Please can someone help me out? Thank you!


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3 responses to “How do you make a wedding seating chart in Microsoft Excel?”
  1. Dew Drops says:

    Go to

    They have an exelent seating chart manager and other great useful tools.

    (Just note – you’ll have to register first – but it’s simple)

  2. candace b says:

    Someone already provided a link for the wedding chart. But, you have to know how to manage excel to put it together. So it sounds like you need to know how to work in excel? Personally I find excel difficult; I do everything in Word.

  3. HIS! says:

    I think there are much easier ways to make a seating chart, since Excel is designed for numerical grids, but if you like the program these ideas might help:



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