I can’t open my hotmail emails, internet explorer shows Javacript error on page?

I can't open my hotmail emails, internet explorer shows Javacript error on page?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

I have deleted my cookies, temp files and enabled Javascript. But it still doesnt work. Help please!
I’ve tried using Firefox too. It doesn’t work either. Any other suggestions?


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3 responses to “I can’t open my hotmail emails, internet explorer shows Javacript error on page?”
  1. idottsound says:

    Stop using Internet Explorer and download Firefox.

    Just give it a week.. You’ll love it so much better!!!

  2. Joseph says:

    You can try to update IE7.0, and then to repair IE registry file.
    It maybe able to help you solve problems Download Perfect Optimizer!

  3. need help says:

    Hey.. I have the same problem as you. The problem started on 3 Oct 2008. How about yours? I dunno what to do. I have tried everything from deleting cookies, temp files, disk cleanup. I’m sure javascript is enabled too. I use both IE and Firefox but still can’t read the emails. I’ve also updated IE. I feel so frustrated cos i need to read my mails urgently. If you managed to solve the problem, please tell me the solution. Thank you.

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