How much electricity does a laptop use compared to other electrical appliances?

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Hey there. I’ve got a Dell Studio 1555. I’ve heard that a kettle uses the same amount of electricity when used once as keeping a computer on for 12 hours. Is this even true?! How much does your average computer or laptop use compared to other common electrical devices, e.g. light bulb? Thank You!


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4 responses to “How much electricity does a laptop use compared to other electrical appliances?”
  1. stainless steven says:

    This depends on the typeof laptop- for a LED L top uses about one third of other types.

  2. Alan says:

    I guess 50-150 watts would be typical. A kettle would be 2000-3000 watts.

    If a kettle boils in, say, 5 minutes, that’s 2000/12 = about 160 watt-hours, equivalent to a laptop for about 1 hour

  3. Desert Dust says:

    In your laptop’s paperwork there should a be a spec sheet that will list the number of watts your laptop pulls.

  4. Februa says:

    No exchange rate necessary if you ignore all losses – same money. 2kW (kettle) / 50W (laptop) = 40. So, in theory, a kettle would use 40 times more power than a laptop. So, you could use your laptop for 3 hours and 20 mins or have a hot drink for the same money.

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