Why does my iphone always exit safari and other applications?

Whenever I open up safari or calendar in safari, after around 3 or 4 minutes and closes it and goes to the main page (with all the application icons). How can I stop my iphone from doing this? I want to actually use these applications without my iphone closing them. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Why does my iphone always exit safari and other applications?

  1. You can turn the iphone off and back on, or reboot it with the home button and the hold button… and if that doesn’t work, there is always the apple store.

  2. this is normal for the iphone.
    Its happened since firmware 1.0 and apple has not payed any attention to it.
    theres nothing you can do to stop the browser crashing
    uninstall the apps and reinstall them. you just have to keep doing it every 3 days… and there is no promises that it will stop it.
    OSX is a very unstable operating system. This is one of the numerous reasons why you shouldnt get an iphone.

  3. This is a glitch in the phone. I actually experience this every now and then, but mostly in Safari.

    I do not know why this is occurring, but it might just be that what you are doing is too much for the phone so it quits. I think that if you called or went into a store, they should be able to help you.

  4. This is not a glitch in the iphone. You just need to go to Settings>Safari>reset cookies, cache and history. they are most like full and that is what is kicking you out of safari.

    The glitch is with downloaded apps not the apps that come with the phone.

  5. My second generation iPod exits out of mulitple websites after about a minute( including facebook) and I want to know how to stop this.

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