My Internet explorer shuts down every time i try to pay for something via Paypal?


I won an item on ebay,every time i try to pay i get as far as logging on to paypal and then the message appears`internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to shut down`.
Any ideas how to fix this please?


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2 responses to “My Internet explorer shuts down every time i try to pay for something via Paypal?”
  1. JEMJEM% says:

    The solution to ur problem is download mozilla firefox 3.0 / 2.0 browser install it on ur machine and it will never bring any error neither shutdown. use it as ur default browser.

    if you notice that the browser shutdowns,There is a 90% of it being a scam page/fake page or an antispy on ur machine stealing ur information.

  2. Anubis says:

    you might have a trojan horse virus in your pc and every time you put that kind of info it steals it and closes the program to get you to put in new info. Don’t do it! check your pc for viresus and updates. “)

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