My internet explorer keeps not responding how do i fix it.?

Sometime when i open up a new browser and click close the browser say internet explorer not responding. Then i click close again and it tell me if i want to wait for my browser to respond or close or restart the program.

If i click close all my other links that are open will close to. I have windows vista is there anyway to stop it from happening?

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  1. to me internet explorer allways says “not responding” or something it like always freezes on me 2. Like just to get on its like FOREVER.
    TRY using google chrome 🙂 ever since i tried it its FAST, AND AWESOME! 😀
    -i like google chrome cause its easy to use
    -its has already a google toolbar inside where u would type your website (ex.
    -the homepage goes to

  2. i wouldn’t use google chrome personally, because I tried it, I looked into it, I peeked in places that google probably wouldn’t want me to go peeking into when I installed it, and I found it was basically very fast because it lacked any kind of significant protection for browsing. Essentially and in a nutshell, Google Chrome is nothing short of overglorified spyware that runs faster than any IE regardless of version release.
    Sounds to me like you may need to scan your system for viruses/spyware, and also that you may need to reinstall the IE. Instead of closing it down by the method you describe, go to the task manager (ctrl+alt+del), right click on the IE in the first window you see within the task manager, select ‘go to process’. When you select ‘go to process’ it will show you by way of already hilighted what the process is, and you just right click again, and select end process. This will save you waiting for any response, or having to go through the the choosing to restart the explorer or what have you. You may have too many background services running, or probably you haven’t got a lot of system memory free depending on what you’re doing when you use internet explorer. You could check this out in msconfig (just type it in the search programs text box in the start menu).
    Failing that I haven’t got much else of an idea as to what you can do about the situation.

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