How do I get adblock for google chrome in incognito mode?

Hi all, I have just started using the incognito mode for Google Chrome, and realized that the google chrome adblock does not work in incognito mode. So I was wondering, is there a way to make that happen? Thanks

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  1. Click the “wrench” icon, then click “tools” then “extensions’ and beside the Adblock icon, you should see the words “Allow in incognito” check the box and it should work.

  2. wrench icon –> Tools –> Extensions –> for adblock check “allow in incognito”.
    If you are currently viewing a page in incognito, you will have to reload before it takes affect.

    Darn, he beat me to it!

    • The whole point of incognito is so that a person can always view things without being tracked in history. If you’re wanting to censor a child, I’d sooner suggest putting OpenDNS or a similar program on your network if you can.

      I’m going to take a few minutes and see if I can find the data for incognito mode. If deleted, it’d be rendered inoperable. This question has been asked a lot and for other browsers, so it’s probably worth the time.

      Okay, so you’re going to go into C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\C…
      Google Chrome installs itself in a weird place… (You may have to enable viewing of hidden files and folders).

      However, my computer won’t edit or open the actual .dll files for Chrome (not sure why, but I’m no hacker so I don’t really know what to do about it). The basic idea is to go in, find where it says incognito, and delete part of that section.

      I’ve done it for a couple of my programs before. Anybody who reads this should see if they can manage it (especially if you know what you’re doing).

      (I still suggest using OpenDNS instead, if you don’t block any websites, the person will never know, but you can still see what websites have been visited).

      I’ve read through some other forums and I can’t find anyone who’s been able to disable it, but nobody’s really tried either.

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