How long can the rabies virus survive outside an animals body?


For instance; a rabid animal licks an object such as a tool or a child’s toy. How long would the virus survive exposed to the open air?


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2 responses to “How long can the rabies virus survive outside an animals body?”
  1. fawdown says:

    Viruses can survive a very long time. This is why epidemics can disappear for years or decades then come back.

  2. susan n says:

    To my understanding, rabies needs the body and bodily fluids of its mammalian host to remain viable.

    It is fragile in that respect and fussy with regard factors such as temperature. For example, opossums despite popular belief, do not and cannot carry the rabies virus because their body temperature is too low.

    My educated guess would be that the virus cannot remain alive long (minutes?) after leaving the body of the infected animal.

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