What is PAPASAMYAM in Horoscope Matching?


What is the remedy for PAPASAMYAM? I’ve a chart which shows that there is no PAPASAMYAM between the boy n the girl. The PAPASAMYAM of the girl is 6.25 and that of boy is 5.25. Is this match good? Any anyone suggest remedies for PAPASAMYAM. Thanks in advance.


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1 response to “What is PAPASAMYAM in Horoscope Matching?”
  1. Šųή☼ says:

    If there is no papasamyam.,.,the match is not recommended,.,.,see.,.,it seems the girls chart is going in the time of komuham.,.,6:00 to 6:40.,.,so.,.,for komuham there is no thosam and parikara.,.,.,hence the match is recommended even the papasamyam is not there.,.,but try to see girls amsam,.,whether her lagnathipathi is on right and good house.,.,because even if she is born in komuham the pure time of lagna katta.,.,she may get week coz of papasamyam.,.,if lagnathipathi lacks to place a good house in amsa.,.,hope i answered the question.,.,dont worry just go on.,.,


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