is it good or bad to keep live turtle at home according to astrology and vaastu shastr?

is it good or bad to keep live turtle at home according to astrology and vaastu shastr?, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


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7 responses to “is it good or bad to keep live turtle at home according to astrology and vaastu shastr?”
  1. Alizé Duval says:


  2. kalabhairava says:

    Don’t hurt the turtle . It will bring sin that is not good for you.

    We should learn from turtle.

    Turtle bring ( four legs + head = Five things) inside.

    Same way we should bring (eyes,nose,ear,mouth,mind) into one place that is six letter

    “om namashivaya”.We can live long and safe.

    I know astrology and vaastu shastra ,Numerology.

    Vaastu shastra explain build the house or temples in proper way.

    Astrology explain you did bad deed and good deed in your previous birth.It will bring sadness and happiness to present birth.

  3. Timothy Michaelraj says:

    Don’t believe in astrology
    Don’t make creature as God

    look the Creator

  4. Tyler says:

    lol wtf… let the turtle goooo

  5. Fairy says:

    if you ask my opinion about keeping turtle in home i would say it is good.but i think it would be wise if you consult with astrology and vaastu shastra.i can give you two links to solve your problem.i think it would be of much help for you.http://www.mysticboard.com/viewforum.php?f=43.you can try it.

  6. Atoot says:

    Some times it can be good or some time it can be bad. You can also consult to astrologer for this. I have some resource where form you can get all your astrology related question. see the resource

  7. snehal says:

    As long as animal is not harmed, it is


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