Best Location to Keep Aquarium according to Vastu Shastra?


Recently we had shifted our residence. We had kept the aquarium in north west corner of our drawing hall. Somehow I believe its because of some wrong location, my fishes are dying one per week. We are feeding them properly & I cant understand the reason behind it.

Can anyone suggest me the best location to keep aquarium in a home acording to vastu shastra.


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6 responses to “Best Location to Keep Aquarium according to Vastu Shastra?”
  1. Victor Ariff says:

    Well, my friend according to me i know that an aquarium needs to be kept in the north direction of the room according to vastu shastra.

  2. Rick K says:

    its kept in a NORTH location because common sence tells you that it will NOT have a big temp change and a lot of sunlight causing serious alge problems that it would if it were kept in the SOUTH SIDE!!!!!!!!!
    The problem is not the location it is probally the filtration, water quality, types of fish, is it a high traffic area? (giving them heart attacks) Water temp!!! all so many things…..


    Dear Raju,
    Best Location to Keep Aquarium according to Vastu as well as Feng Shui is the Drawing Hall to the Left of the Main Door as you enter the house.
    Aquarium in bed room is prohibited.


  4. subir d says:

    Raju, You are taking the aquarium in terms of Vaastu or Feng shui. Well in my opinion the wrong place to keep the aquarium is the north & N/E, so avoid these places. In your case I think you are over feeding the fishes and changing the water without keeping it for a day and not maintaining the temperature of the water while changing it.

    For the first time I am revealing the truth that an aquarium is the best remedy for heart patients.

  5. Comment from Vaastu Shaatra says:
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