How much is a 1995 five dollar bill worth?


I have a 1995 series five dollar bill. I am wondering how much it is worth cause it looks different then today’s five dollar bills


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9 responses to “How much is a 1995 five dollar bill worth?”
  1. Jenni B says:

    It’s worth $5

  2. cheyenne says:

    You need to get a book that allows you to look up us small currency. It will let you look up the serial # and give you the current market value for that bill.

  3. dustin s says:

    5 bucks but if u wanna be anal about it prob like 5.06 lmao

  4. Andie says:

    I think it’s only worth five dollars, I would imagine.

  5. falling.up13 says:

    Pennies from the 60s are worth only a penny.
    Nothing’s going to change the price unless it’s over a century old or has special meaning to it (e.g. war times, famous people, etc.)
    So your 1995 five dollar bill is worth exactly $5.
    If you want it to worth more, pass it on to your future generations. By the year 3000, it’s going to be worth something. lol. :)

  6. snowgirl says:

    it is worth 5 dollars. If you want it to be worth something, then you have to wait ALOT of years.

  7. Brad P says:

    $5… that series is still in circulation, so it’s not worth more. In fact, the federal government regularly removes used paper currency from circulation and destroys it. Paper money is only worth more than its face value if it’s more than about 50 years old.

  8. Aidan B says:

    $5=$5 DUHHH!

  9. Taiping says:

    It does look different but is to new to be a collectors item. Some more years need to go buy for that. If the bill is in new condition save it, if not spend it.

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