What would be the home made remeady for the abortion of two month old pregnancy.?

Home made or ayurvedic medicine or alopathic any medication required for the abortion of two month old pregnancy.What are the precautions should be taken by doing the medication.

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  1. Please don’t try home made remedies to terminate our pregnancy. This is very serious and need to be handled by a professional. Go to an abortion clinic, it the best and safest thing for you…

  2. Dont you even dare. I mean it. Give that baby a chance at life. Ever think about adoption? Dont have sex if your gonna abort it. That pisses me the F off

  3. I think you would be wiser to go to an actual doctor.

    (They will also be able to give you birth control.)

    Do NOT listen to the people rambling on about not getting an abortion, it’s your body, your choice. (Lol, and it’s not even a baby yet, it’s a Fetus… Shows how much they really know.)

  4. why don’t you see a doctor, or you could let your child have a happy life with a different family. adoption is also a great choice.

  5. Id say that you should go pay the money because if you think by taking medicine will help it could make your child disabled and in 4 weeks time if you still have that baby you cannot get rid of it that will teach you for not useing contraception..
    Dont be so cheap and go and get an abortion

  6. Don’t do it at home. You need this done by a doctor – otherwise it is dangerous for you, and the abortion may not work.

  7. Hmm, I wonder what kind of responses I would get if i asked the question, “What’s the best way for me to kill my two-month-old baby?” Because to me, you’re saying the exact same thing. It’s too bad someone else has to die because of what YOU did.

  8. DO NOT DO AN AT HOME ABORTION. You could end up seriously hurting or even killing yourself, and you could fail and give birth to a baby with serious deformities because of what you attemped. Talk to your Dr. or go to a clinic and talk to a professional.

  9. Throw yourself down a flight of stairs 🙂
    It’s called a miscarriage, and myself and all of my friends made a pact that if any of us were pregnant and didn’t want to be, they one of us would push the pregnant one down the stairs 😀
    Sounds terrible? I’d rather have some bruises on my body than an unwanted baby.

  10. I most definitely agree with everyone else that if you want an abortion you should seek one from a professional. I realize, however, that you did not specify why you were seeking this information so for all we know you could just be curious or you could be doing research. The medication to terminate an early pregnancy are called cytotec and Diclofenac w/misoprostol. They are by prescription only and extreme caution should be taken when using these medications because if they do not work you can end up going full term in your pregnancy and give birth to a baby that has severe problems/defects or you may end up with a still birth or even give birth to a seemingly ‘normal’ looking baby that dies within a few hours , days, or weeks after birth. These medications, if used improperly, may also end up killing the mother as well.

  11. well unless you were raped or this is your brothers baby do not get an abortion. I do not want you to regret what ever it is you ultimately do so just have an abortion at a clinic and pay for it. BTW abortion can be extremely traumatizing and some “mothers” have severe regrets which cause depression and self-loathe (this is not to scare you but it’s the truth).

  12. So you’ve decided to murder your child, eh? People that don’t want a baby should not have unprotected sex. Already pregnant?? Then give the kid up for adoption.

    People that have abortions are selfish and will be judged in the end.
    Unless you have been raped or your life is in danger…..Have the kid.

  13. better you see your doc before you try any home remedy that will hurt you for life so please be careful …..) )

  14. There is no safe home remedy. At two months you may still be able to get the abortion pill, however. So you can take a pill and terminate the pregnancy in your own home. You can get it at any abortion clinic. If its too late, go they can give you a surgical abortion, at 2 months it will not be painful and will be very safe. good luck.

  15. Interesting answers… however the REASON abortion needs to be left legally available is stuff like this… before it was legal pregnant women tried all these home remedies and falling down stairs etc to cause miscarriages which IS essentially abortion. Guess what? Most of the time it didn’t work and the women were left with disabled babies. Which they STILL didn’t want. Today teens (and horifically adults) throw away new borns… kill them after birth… but I bet the pro lifers are over joyed that they didn’t abort… what’s the difference? A medically sound treatment for an unwanted pregnancy or a dead new born in the dumpster or a child born with severe birth defects from the mother trying to self-abort… people people people…. those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Get off your soapboxes if you are not willing to take in every single unwanted child in your neighborhood to raise as your own… and you aren’t. You just want to preach right and wrong, good and bad, sinner and saint… stfu already.

  16. It seems like you are asking about a medication abortion which I hope you mean the one where you go to a clinic and get the pills. i read your Q a few times and think you may be asking about home remedies to take with the medication to ease the process??? Could be wrong…ANYWAY a medication abortion is very dangerous ad painful, I recommend the surgical one. You would not want to damage your body/ability to have children when the time is right. Clinics make it so easy to have the procedure for free or next to nothing. Good luck.

  17. All of u who are against abortion, shut up ur mouths. How do u expect me to bring a child into dis world and give him/her out to be taken care of? Dats stupidity. So its better I get rid of tin, instead of d baby coming to dis world to suffer and save my family d stigma it will bring me. So having an abortion is not a crime bcos even married people wit kids still hav abortions.

    • I think dis tot of urs shld ve com bf having sex!pregnancy is d result of ur own act,it is not spiritual neither is it wake n see.besides wot wld Jesus do in such situation!I guess I ve always known u as a believer.

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