What pregnancy tests pick up low levels of hcg?


I’m pretty positive I’m pregnant and if I am I would be 11 weeks. I’ve taken 3 tests and they come up negative.

I’ve heard all these stories about women with low levels of hcg not getting a positive till 12 weeks+.

So my question is, do you think if I take a early pregnancy test it will pick up low levels of hcg? And which tests would you recommend?

Also, I can’t go get a blood test done yet because I’m in the process of changing health insurance providers right now.


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7 responses to “What pregnancy tests pick up low levels of hcg?”
  1. Summer's Mommy says:

    First Response

  2. Riitz says:

    I believe a blood test at planned parenthood is around $50. It can also be based off your income.

    Test in the morning. Don’t drink anything before bed. You want a low amount of liquid with a lot of time to concentrate.

    Clear Blue gave me my positive though I doubt my levels were low. Stick with brand names instead store brands.

  3. K says:

    EPT detected me 5 days before, but 7 days before it was a false negative

  4. C'est Moi says:

    First Response Early Results worked for me, I recommend it highly. As soon as my pee hit the strip it turned

  5. pregnant and confused says:

    I found out at 3 weeks 4 days with answer. At 4 weeks 1 day my blood level was 284. Don’t believe everything you hear. Tests are very sensitive. Go to the.er if you’re worried.

  6. urgo92 says:

    I took a clearblue digital a week after I concieved and it came up positive, and I’ve don’t that twice, so I would take pride in a clear blue.

  7. Finder says:

    Pregnancy is a complicated thing.You can understand it in first level.For more info just visit the given below link.

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