How soon during pregnancy do you start to lactate?

How soon during pregnancy do you start to lactate?, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

Last night I noticed milk while gently squeezing my breasts. So I took a pt today and found out that I’m expecting my second child. Can anyone help me in finding out how soon during pregnancy does lactation start? Thanks!


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8 responses to “How soon during pregnancy do you start to lactate?”
  1. puppy says:

    well it all depends on the woman’s hormones. some will start lactating in early pregnancy like you have and others not until late pregnancy or even after

  2. jaytei says:

    It’s hard to say. I was 4-5 months & was dripping with both my pregnancies. The best thing to do is go to your doctor to see how far along you are.

  3. purna says:

    only after abt 7 mts of pregnancy does a lady start lactating.
    in ur case, mayb ur second pregnancy is too early and probably u hadnt stopped lactating after the first..

  4. green march says:

    Well, lactation doesn’t actually start until after birth. But you can start secreting and/or leaking colustrum at almost any time during pregnancy. It varies from woman to woman. Personally, I didn’t leak until I was about 5 months pregnant.

  5. Dani says:

    it varies for each lady.

    I have had 5 pregnancies and Ive never had milk or colostrum from my nipples while pregnant, not until after theyre born -with all of them :)

  6. jadmac2 says:

    It is only colostrum as your milk does not come in until the baby is born.
    It can happen anywhere from the second trimester.
    I never leaked ever in my pregancies but suffered other things like this bloody heartburn for the 3rd time today!

  7. Blu says:

    Depending on hormone levels, some women start seeing colostrum as early as a few months. One site says that some women start production almost as soon as they conceive.
    Hope that helps.

  8. crazy says:

    I guess it all depends. With both of my pregnancies I didn’t lactate until days after I delivered.

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