How long does a pregnancy test show positive after giving birth?


If I gave birth to my daughter on August 24th and I take a pregnancy test today or tomorrow morning would it still show positive? Typically how long does it take to get all the pregnancy hormones out of your system? Im not breast feeding and havent been bleeding since my second week post partum. Thanks in advance for your answers.


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4 responses to “How long does a pregnancy test show positive after giving birth?”
  1. Lily's due Nov. 1 says:

    I’m guessing the hormones are out of your system pretty early since some women get pregnant a couple weeks after giving birth. They usually find out with a test because their periods aren’t back to normal yet.

  2. starlightstrm says:

    As far as I know right away the hormones go out of the body but if not then I would say 6 weeks they should be gone

  3. KATiEā™„ says:

    The hormones can stay in your system for a month after a miscarriage, abortion, or giving birth. You could easily get a falst positive if you took a test today.

  4. bayla :) says:

    i’m pretty sure it won’t. cause i had my baby on may 13th, i thought i was pregnant within those 6 weeks after birth and it showed i wasn’t. i was told by a few people and doctors also that it takes around 2 weeks for the hormones to fully get out of your system.

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