How long do cats stay pregnant and what are some signs of labor?

I have two female cats in my house and both are pregnant. They were a mercy adoption kinda thing. So I’m pretty sure that they are on different “levels” of their pregnancy and am wondering, how long to cats stay pregnant and what signs do i need to look for when the go into labor? I’ve never had a cat around when it has kittens, so I’m kinda at a loss right now. I’ve always raised dogs.

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  1. I believe they were made that way so they could go behind your head or in front and cause less interfering from the cables dangling down and getting caught and ripped out.

  2. Cats are pregnant for 57 to 65 days. The should be fed kitten food and be kept indoors only.

    Each one should be kept in her own private room, with a bed, food, water, and litter box – do not use clumping litter, only non-scented regular clay litter. Keep separate or they will move each other’s kittens.

    Here is an article on how to care for a mother cat with kittens.

    DO NOT let them outside until spayed!

    When they are ready they will start nesting behavior, some become more friendly some become less friendly – most cats deliver with no problems but you need to be prepared. Here is an article on How they have kittens

  3. My cat actually gave birth a couple days ago. Your cat will stay pregnant for about 60-70 days. It may be a problem after 66, but do not worry. Some signs of labor is eating a lot more and showing more affection, such as purring, and cats that are about to go into labor will usually lick their abdomen and vagina persistently. There is often a discharge that precedes birthing but the mother will lick it away as rapidly as it appears.

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