How do you make a pregnancy test positive without being pregnant?

We all wanna do a joke on a guy as a laugh cause he keeps saying about he wud die if some girl told him he was pregnant.
How would you make a pregnancy test show up positive without being pregnant? Any ideas?

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  1. yea start fertility treatments that will make you have a positive pregnancy test, or a cheaper rout is to go and get pregnant rather then spend thousands of dollars on fertility treatments. Your stupid grow up and get a life.

  2. You can order them on ebay. It says they don’t use any body fluids but I have no idea.

    They sell them as pranks.

    —OK I actually answered the question and got thumbs down.

    I should report the people who just said you don’t. DUH! What is Y!A? Its not yahoo answers its yahoo opinions.—

  3. Find a marker that matches the test colour. Draw in a positive response based on the boxes diagram of a positive response.

    But it does seem like a cruel joke!!!

  4. if you know someone who is pregnant ask them to help you by doing the test for you or
    Buy a pregnancy test. Go with a simple one the doesn’t have to much detail in the answers (one that has lines or a plus and minus). Stay away from the positive and not positive ones.
    Take the pregnancy test so it can’t be used again.
    Once the test is done and dry, open it. If it’s a basic one, it should come open very easily. Just pull along the line on the side where it connects.
    Take a small sticky label and draw a positive sign on it and cut it out so it’ll fit in the little window and stick it in place. If you have a test that has the writing try using white out to cover up the “not” on not pregnant. But this can be tricky. the white out might not cover it up all the way and if you put too much on it will look very clearly covered up.
    Take a q-tip and MOISTEN the end. Then gently rub it over the positive line or plus. This will make it faded which is how positive tests look. If the label is wet after that DO NOT wipe it clean! This will smudge it. Use the other end of the q-tip to roll over it.
    Once the test looks good, close it back up and glue it together so it can’t be opened again.

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