Is blood sugar of 86 normal after drinking coffee with milk and sugar?

Is blood sugar of 86 normal after drinking coffee with milk and sugar?, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

First of all im not diabetic. But my mom lets me use her blood sugar monitor to check my blood sugar. An hour ago I drank coffee with hazelnut milk and with sugar. I then check my blood sugar and it was 86. Is that normal?



5 responses to “Is blood sugar of 86 normal after drinking coffee with milk and sugar?”
  1. TheOrange Evil says:

    That’s completely normal. 86 mg/dL is normal blood sugar when taken at any time of the day – fasting, after or between meals. This strongly suggests, as you suspected, that you are non-diabetic.

  2. RN851 says:

    If that is your only source of carbohydrate then that is a normal response. If you ate other foods at the same time then your blood sugar level would seem to be low. Either way there is no indication of diabetes.

  3. Nana Lamb says:

    so why didn’t you read the glucometer booklet that came with your mom’s meter?? you could learn a lot by reading it! Like what normal readings are!!

    Your reading is completely within the normal level! Quit playing with your mom’s life line!!

  4. John W says:

    Yes, 86 mg/dl is perfectly normal. Just look at the link below.

  5. Noccie says:

    There is no reason to test your sugar. The data you get means nothing at all if you don’t have diabetes. You’re wasting expensive strips by testing for no reason.

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