How does the body respond when blood sugar levels become too low?


Is glycogen converted back into glucose or what? My friend started going on about de-amination but I don’t think he’s right :S
arghh please help, I have a biology GCSE mock exam tomorrow! =(
thanks so much srindihi!


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4 responses to “How does the body respond when blood sugar levels become too low?”
  1. Srinidhi V says:

    If the blood glucose level falls to dangerous levels (as in very heavy exercise or lack of food for extended periods), the Alpha cells of the pancreas release glucagon, a hormone whose effects on liver cells act to increase blood glucose levels. They convert glycogen storage into glucose (this process is called glycogenolysis). The glucose is released into the bloodstream, increasing blood sugar levels.

  2. Niotulove says:

    A low blood sugar level would cause the hormone glucagon to be released from the pancreas, causing glycogen to be broken down from its storage in the liver and skeletal muscles, and therefore raise bood glucose levels. If there is not enough glycogen in storage for the body to use, then sugar can be made from other sources in a process called gluconeogenesis (involving non-sugar carbon substrates like pyruvate, lactate, glycerol, and amino acids).

  3. sabrina says:

    it is unlikely that your blood sugar is going to go too low while you are taking an exam. However if your blood sugar gets low you will not be able to think as efficiently as you would normally do so. So to ensure that your blood sugar remains at a good level for all your exam eat a good breakfast/lunch, the best thing to include is a high fibre cereal this contains slow release sugars. which means that high fibre cereals release their sugar in a slower more even release than less complex sugars. So eat muesli or shredded wheat, porridge, whole meal ( not brown) bread. this will ensure a steady release of sugar into your blood stream. you could also take a sugary drink into the exam. but good food is the best answer. this will ensure your brain will function as evenly as you can expect and relax, you dont need to start worrying about things at this stage, you will be fine.

  4. naomi b says:

    I dont know the medical terminology but if you blood sugar is low and insulin is higher. they effects could be a drunk and incoherent feeling and mabe a diabetic coma

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