what should I do when my dogs teeth are bleeding?

I have a GSD 5 months old, and his canine and premolar teeth is about to fall because he had broken it while playing with ball, they look half cut and they are bleeding, I brushed his teeth to prevent infection, will my puppy’s teeth grow back or should I go to the vet?

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  1. check out this site :

    or just search in google :
    dogs teeth bleeding

    if you don’t find any help at all you should take your pet to
    the vet. Glad to help and good luck. xxx

  2. Dogs, like all mammals shed their “baby teeth” and grow a second set. Just as humans do.
    Your dog is normal.


  3. If the tooth is BROKEN, I’d take him to a vet, he’s probably in pain. Teeth and gums can get infected pretty easily, so your vet will probably give him an antibiotic.
    The good news is if he’s only 5 months, that was a baby tooth and it will grow back (:
    Be more careful next time!

    If the tooth is just falling out and it’s not broken, let it fall out and he’ll grow in his adult tooth.

  4. 1. Go to Vet.
    2. If those teeth r Milk Tooth, they will grow.
    3. Give him lump of sugar to eat; blooding will stop.
    4. In the mean time u can give him mild pain killer .

  5. Oh Just Relax !! There’s NO NEED To go to the Vet .. Because Puppies have milk Teeth anyway just be sure To Give him enough Vitamins To make his teeth grow back faster

    if the tooth that fell out was one of the puppy’s milk teeth. Milk teeth are the first teeth to appear in dogs when they’re puppies. During this teething period puppies, much like human babies do, will try and alleviate the discomfort of their teeth coming in by chewing on whatever they can get hold of. As in humans milk teeth eventually fall out and are replaced by (permanent) adult teeth. As in humans if a dog’s adult teeth fall out they are not replaced. Just be Patient 😀 and Comfort Your puppy he’s in pain now :S And yea If you can remove his broken tooth it would be better

    ———–~~~~~~~~~~~~~Goood LUCK~~~~~~~~~————-

    Hanna 😀

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