How to get rid of a dead rat in the cavity wall? Also flies in the house?


I have been getting lots of flies recently and think that it is down to a dead rat in the cavity wall. What it the best way to get rid of the dead rat and also getting rid of the flies? They are attracted to the window in the spare room so I’m guessing the dead rat is in the wall near the window….

HELP the flies are doing my head in……


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6 responses to “How to get rid of a dead rat in the cavity wall? Also flies in the house?”
  1. Fred Smith says:

    Not a lot, grant’s are available, try your local council.
    I did my own secondary secondary double glazing, and my bill almost halved, so yes you should notice a difference.

  2. KevLEC says:

    You will notice how long the house stays warm.
    Depending the age of house it could be free.
    Contact local council

  3. Greybeard says:

    The dead Rat Flies?

  4. 2good2bad says:

    I have the EXACT same problem, I know there is a dad rat (or 3 thats how many ive seen at once before the extirminator came) somewere in the walls and now I get flies and ants everywere! I dont even know how they get in the windows are most closed!! I will be monitoring this question.

  5. dumplingmuffin says:

    spray insecticide into the cavity,

  6. Devil says:

    call in an exterminator. they will clear the wall and the flies.

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