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How long does it take to heal your gums from denture surgery?

This is for immediate dentures, once all the teeth are pulled how long does it take for the gums to heal.


  1. MaRShmellOw DON-DON | | Reply


  2. Dr. Sam | | Reply

    Yeah, 3-4 weeks.

    Here’s an answer I wrote a while ago that has answers to many questions that might be on your mind:

    I don’t know the details of your surgery, but I can share the experiences of many of my own patients. They usually make out AMAZINGLY well when they have an immediate denture placement. As you mentioned, the denture serves to protect the surgical area. It also keeps swelling to a minimum. It is very unlikely that you will get dry sockets. I can’t say if you wil look like you were punched in the mouth or anything either, but this is usually not the case. Sometimes, if you have a lot of bottom teeth removed (especially), you may have a bruise on your chin for a week or so, but this tends to occur more if you (the patient) are older – like 70 or older.

    Yes, you will be numb and your speech might be sort of mumbly, but what the heck… Enjoy it. If your mouth doesn’t work right for a few hours, just laugh about it. It’ll be back to normal soon.

    I do not know what your dentist’s protocol is, but I tell the patient to leave the denture in place for 24 hours and I always schedule them for 15 minutes the day after surgery. This way, I can remove the denture and clean up the site and clean out the inside of the denture. I can also trim any areas that look like they are going to cause pressure sores. If your dentist does not practice this way – and considering that it is the weekend – I’d suggest that you leave the denture in place for at least 24 hours. When you take the denture out, very gently clean your gums with a wet washcloth. Rinse out the inside of your denture and get it back into your mouth within five minutes. This is the only time that I really want a patient to sleep with their dentures in place. You should have your denture in your mouth almost 24 hours a day for maybe 3 weeks so you don’t bump into the multiple extraction sites and open up the wound before it has really healed shut.

  3. Sensitive yet Positive! | | Reply

    Depends on the condition…

  4. dana y | | Reply

    your gums are going to continue to heal for 6 weeks now for imediate dentures your going to continue to shrink for 6 months then you will need a temp reline during the time then a perm. reliner. But your dentist should have told ya that. It is hard to find a good dentist.

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