How long are your gums sore after a tooth extraction?


I had my upper left molar extracted ten days ago.Ever since I left the dentist I havent had any pain just my gums a lil sore. Ive taken and finished my medication and I still dont have any pain.I was just wondering how long are you gums suppose to be sore?


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3 responses to “How long are your gums sore after a tooth extraction?”
  1. Rebecca M. says:

    I think it all depends on the person. I have had two teeth pulled in the past, wisdom teeth, and each time I had different experiences. With the first one, I was only sore for a few days. With the second one, I was sore for a few weeks. I wasn’t in any pain, but my gums were very tender. I wouldn’t be alarmed, if you aren’t in any pain. Just avoid chewing in the spot, to let the gum heal.

  2. Chris E says:

    about a week

  3. funnydudetxoxox says:

    for me when i got my two teeth pulled out, my mouth was sore for about a week and the spot my tooth was pulled out of was sensitive to heat and cold. my gums felt better after about 12 days and everything was better. i took advil to get rid of the soreness.

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