When did the myth of Vampire silver allergy start?

As far as I know/can tell, It started with werewolves having the weakness to silver. Now, in many things I’ve read/watched it seems vampires also have this allergy. Does anyone know how/when this came into being?

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  1. It has always existed. Silver can poison but not kill all three types of vampires. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding vampires, mostly due to the fantasies of authors trying to glamourize them instead of doing any actual research into the ancient myths about them. Here are some basics:

    There are basically three types of vampires; the original vampires, vampires who have been turned by other vampires, and vampires who have been turned through a curse or spell. Common amoungst all of them is two methods to destroy them. The first method is to destroy their heart with wood from an oak tree. The second method is to decapitate and quarter the body, then burn it to ash.

    The original vampires can alter their bodies to take on many shapes, even that of mist and other people. They are accomplished xenomorphs in this respect. They also can venture out into daylight, although doing so weakens them and their abilities. They cannot cross over running water, though, which limits their ability to travel far. It is because of this limitation that they created other vampires, which don’t possess this limitation. Silver will poison them but not kill them, and a flower from a plant of the garlic family (I won’t reveal which one) will ward them off. They have heightened senses and great strength, as well as being quick and agile. Their xenomorph ability allows them to mesmerize people.

    Vampires turned by vampires (whether they are turned by original vampires or turned vampires) cannot venture into daylight. They can be destroyed by destroying their heart with anything, or by decapitation and quartering of the body followed by burning it to ash, or by prolong exposure to sunlight. Silver poisons them but doesn’t destroy them and the same thing about the flower wards them off. Their strength and senses are heightened but nowhere near those of the original vampires. They are also at the bidding of their maker. They can only change into a wolf (not a bat) and aren’t limited where they can go with one exception, which applies to all vampires. This exception is that they cannot enter an abode occupied by a human unless invited in. Well, actually vampires can enter without an invitation but their bodies will start falling apart on the cellular level and become a pile of goo in short order if they do.

    Vampires turned by a spell or curse have the abilities and vulnerabilities of vampires turned by other vampires, but there are exceptions. They are bound by the spell or curse, so if the spell or curse specifies other things then those also apply. For spells or curses made by holy people, then holy artifacts such as crosses and the like will have an adverse affect on these type of vampires. This doesn’t apply to other vampires. They can be destroyed by the methods used to destroy vampires turned by vampires, but other methods might apply as well depending on the spell or curse. These type of vampires are not bound to their maker unless specified by the spell or curse.

    BTW as first mentioned, silver poisons but doesn’t kill vampires. However, silver will kill werewolves and all manner of were-beings. And it isn’t an allergy. Allergies are something entirely different.

  2. More like silver backed glass = mirrors. Silver is seen as a reflection of your soul, like eyes, a picture of your soul. Throughout biblical history, silver has been used for testing for breathe of life on a person before burial, to covering them when someone dies and until the body is buried, the soul wanders, seeking a way to return.

    So, the mirror being a window to your soul, the so-called vampire would appear invisible, thus, no Godly soul, only the animal soul. Perhaps Phaoaoh was one, since he hardened his own heart and lost his Godliness, mmm, makes you wonder about serial killers.

    Thus, an animal soul of the werewolf, giving him a reflection of his soul, via a bullet, would in fact destroy or diminish his animal control of his “vessel” as a creature of this world, and without the strong Godly soul, would kill him. From various verses and knowledge of the esoteric wisdom of the Bible, those without the depth of meaning ended up making superstitions out of metaphors & various interpretations from the sages they didn’t understand fully.

    People were afraid of leposy in Biblical times, but pagans and God-Fearers did not understand that the disease in the Bible was a spiritual disease, not a physical one and only could be healed from the person spiritually according to the sages that knew about it, otherwise, things like being born afraid of light = being albino = thinking they were anemic = eating raw liver as a cure in ancient times = vampire. Or those born very hairy = mongols = wearing fur and horned hats = looking like animals = werewolves as they were known to attack at night. Mongols invaded almost every country and were so feared, they were called demons and towns feared they would be next.

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